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Adblock plus is a free and open source platform. It is developed by Eyeo GmbH which is a very famous software development company from Germany. The whole concept of adblock plus is to filter the content that we are viewing on the internet or content filtering. Content Filtering is a process of showing the relevant content only. In this digital marketing era all major companies and industries are looking for customers through the web. Gone are the days of excessive TV ads and big ad hoardings. There are thousand of companies. How many ads do you think can be shown on the Television format. This is the generation of digital apocalypse. This is because the world is connected by a big network i.e. the internet. Being in US you can communicate and make fiends in London, or, you may communicate to know the best dish of Spain. The internet has expanded the people relations beyond the boundaries drawn by the countries. Thus, internet is a big platform for companies to get customers because it is a global market.

There are times when we really get annoyed by watching those ads on Facebook, YouTube videos and on other websites. From a general analysis, it is estimated that the total number of ads that are shown to an average person, only 10% of them are relevant and relate with the customers general interest. The rest of the ads appear to be annoying and disturbing. That is why adblock plus is being designed to remove the ads playing on such mediums. The adblock plus is and ad blocking extension that can be used to prevents ads from showing when you are really going tough through the day.

There is an adblock extension available for all major devices and platforms. Some of them are adblock for chrome, adblock android, adblock for mozilla, adblock for internet explorer, adblock for opera, adblock for safari and so on. In this post I will be telling you how to download and install the adblock for chrome and adblock android version also.

There are various features that are available  with the adblock plus extension. The extension is widely used and adblock plus chrome is quite famous among the people who use chrome browser. The process of installing the extension is nearly same with all the browsers. I will be telling you how to install adblock plus for chrome.


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ad block plus for chrome

Adblock plus chrome

To install adblock plus chrome on your Google Chrome web browser go to the below link and follow the steps.
Click To Install The Extension

Step 1

Click on the above link to install ad block chrome version for free.

Step 2

Click on Install for Chrome button. This will install the extension. To manage the extensions you can visit the chrome Settings -> More Tools -> Extension

You are good to go now. Just activate the ad blocker from the extensions settings and you will then see the adblock icon on the right side of your chrome browser.

Adblock android

You can also install the adblock for your android device. To install the adblock android version, click on the below link.
Click To Install The Extension

Adblock is a free service and adblock android version will give you the independence of browsing the ad free network on the web.


Adblock plus is a must install extension if you wan to prevent your self from uninterrupted webs browsing. Installing the adblock plus for chrome and adblock android version will make your web browsing experience better. You wont have to waste your precious time in watching the useless ads while watching videos and browsing websites.




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