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Connectify me is a wifi hotspot creation application which can be used on the Windows platform easily. Using the application we can create a connectify hotspot anywhere from our PC. The application can be used for free on a trial period and late on be upgraded with the paid version of the app. This windows based application is the most famous wifi hotspot creation device. Using connectify me, you can use your laptops wifi to make it into a wifi hotspot. software converts your PC into a genuine WiFi hotspot. This way you can share your internet connection with other PC and mobile device. The software is only be used over a Windows system only. You can connect multiple devices with connectify hotspot through a password protected channel. The software download can be done for three options – Hotspot Pro, Hotspot Max and Hotspot Max Lifetime 3X Bundle. The prices start from $35 for the Pro version, $50 for the Max version and $60 for the Max Lifetime 3X Bundle. The company offers to use the product for 30 days with full money back guarantee. So you can definitely try the software. The above prices are for the lifetime packages. You can also choose the Yearly version for a little cheap price but I would prefer you to buy the full lifetime package as the price difference is not much.

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Connectify me features

Let us no discuss some of the basic features of the connectify wifi hotspot software.

  1. Creating the WiFi Hotspot is very easy and simple. You just need to specify the name of your WiFi hotspot and give the password. That’s it. Now multiple known devices can be connected to it easily.
  2. Multiple type of internet connection sharing. You can convert an existing LAN connection, 2G, 3G, 4G for WiFi sharing. These are all possible with the Pro version itself.
  3. WiFi is secured with the WPA2-PSK encryption. It follows the same level of security followed by a common router.
  4. Bandwith Tracking is a feature which enables you to track the data usage by connected devices.
  5. Free WiFi transfer facility. Just connect two devices using the hotspot and start sharing files without any external internet connection.

So these are the common features which will be available in all the versions.

Now let me share with your the Download link by which you can download connectify in your PC.

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Download connectify

Downloading the application is easy. Click on the below button to download this amazing software. This will take you to the main site. Just download any of the versions available and install the software in your system. You can download the connectify full version by opting for the payment plan. So click below for connectify download.


Connectify is a good and an effective software for using your Windows based PC for creating a WiFi hotspot. There is no other software available that can perform operations and has features like the connectify hotspot. You can download the software and use it for 30 days with a money back guarantee. You can make all type of internet connections, be it 2G, 3G, LAN, LTE shareable with other devices. So why wait? Download connectify me from the above link.

Do give your honest reviews about the software in the comments section below.


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