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Apple has managed to make a very strong brand image because of the quality of products it offers to the users. Be it iPhone, iPod, Mac or any other device, each of its product is released with and intent that the users will surely love using it. Final Cut Pro X is also a flagship software which is available for the Mac systems only. Final Cut Pro X is a video editing tool by Apple and is quite popular among the top notch directors, editors and videographers. The tool comes with Mac based systems and helps you to edit your videos and audio clips. It is the further updated version of the Final Cut Pro, a famous tool for editing videos and stuff.

The Final Cut Pro X comes packed with the latest features and updates. Many of the updates are bug fixing types which prevailed in the previous version of the software along with some major updates.

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Final Cut Pro X Updates

More control over Libraries:

  1. You can export the full library as a single XML file.
  2. The tool is updated and there are major improvements in the audio recording for voiceovers with extended support for the new Apple ProRes 4444 XQ format.
  3. You can now set a location outside the library for rendered media and other cache files.
  4. Also, the tool provides more flexibility in removing the rendered files, proxy media from any project.

Native MXF Support:

Final Cut Pro X comes with extended support for importing, editing and exporting MXF files. This is a major support for the broadcast industry.

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Final Cut Pro X Features

  1. Import option has been modified. Now you can place all your import options in a single consolidated window rather than the separate sheet.
  2. Extended support for camera manufacturers such as Panasonic, RED, Sony, JVC etc.
  3. GPU rendering for faster drawing of waveforms to improve performance and resizable filter window while searching.
  4. Smart collections can now be created at the library level. The smart collection feature helps you to manage your media and run complex searches across the library.
  5. The effects are enhanced in the current version of the Final Cut Pro X and include rich masking effects, draw mask effect. With the help of this, you can create custom mask effects using the bezier or b-spline control points.
  6. You can apply the color correction effect using the shortcut key Command-6. This helps in reordering the color combination so it suits for the best.
  7. Considering the video scopes, now you can open upto 4 scopes simultaneously.This means that there will be the least toggling between the scopes while color correction.
  8. The headline and the most amazing feature that is being added to the Final Cut Pro X is the 3D text feature. There are various cinematic templates, animated templates that you can use to enhance the visual experience for your user. You can also convert the 2D text element to 3D using the variety of elements like paper, plastic, metal and wood.

Final Cut Pro X Pros –

Auto face analysis, multi-cam support,auto analyzation of scenes, compound clips, auditions for alternative clips, magnetic, trackless timing. The software runs fast on 64-bit multi-core processors. Sometimes needs more resources (RAM) to do the processing.

Final Cut Pro X Cons –

You cannot import projects from the previous version of Final Cut Pro (Need to install 3rd party plugins). Needs a compressor app for custom export settings.

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Final Cut Pro Purchase and Download

Final Cut Pro is a trademark tool of Apple and thus it can only be purchased through the Apple App Store. You can install the tool on multiple Macs for $299. The tool supports automatic updates. Being a professional tool, it comes as a 2.3GB hefty file format. Thus you need to check your disk space before installing and purchasing the software.

Minimum Requirements-

In order to install Final Cut Pro, you need at least a Core 2 Duo-based machine with OS X 10.10.4 or later version, 3.5GB free disk space, OpenCL-capable video processor and a minimum 4GB RAM (8GB recommended).

Click to Download

The above link will take you to the official download page from where you can Download Final Cut Pro X Trial for FREE.

The tool is really helpful to explore your skills in videos editing and production.

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