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The Internet is a prized source. It is being used to run majorly all multimillion dollar businesses. And of course, we have Google to get us out of our misery by telling us the answers which we don’t know. While the web is surely a powerful tool available till date in the history of mankind, it can be used to destroy half the population within a blink of a second. While surfing the web we are always at a risk of losing our identity to someone. The rise of Blackhat forums and cyber crimes has put our social diligence at a big risk. To deal with this we have a free solution known as the hotspot shield vpn. It is a software which allows you to connect to a virtual private network and enables risk-free and a secure network communication. The hotspot shield vpn is the most used and preferred for maintaining your individuality on the internet. It is developed by the AnchorFree Inc. and the first release was made in the year 2005. From then it is providing regular updates for the software and the company generates its revenue through ads. You can also upgrade to a paid version known as hotspot shield elite. The hotspot shield vpn platform was available for Windows and Mac only till 2012 when the hotspot shield android and hotspot shield ios version were launched.

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hotspot shield free download

Hotspot Shield Prices

As I have told that there are two versions for the software.

Hotspot Shield free

The free version gives you the freedom of using the software for unlimited time. It allows the use of only US servers and has a restriction of accessing some of the premium sites like the Hulu and Netflix. The hotspot shield free earns the revenue by enabling ads on its platform. You can upgrade to the elite version if you want to experience and ad-free network.

Hotspot Shield Elite

hotspot shield vpn

By upgrading to hotspot shield elite you can experience an ad-free network. AnchorFree gives you an option to pay through various payment gateways with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can stream any site in the elite version with no restrictions over Netflix and Hulu.

Hotspot Shield Features

  1. A highly secure Virtual Private network.
  2. Strem the web with anonymity.
  3. More than 400 million downloads of the software.
  4. Regular updates.
  5. Hide your IP address.
  6. Available in 13 languages.

Manage up to 10000 audio/video files

Hotspot Shield free download

You can make hotspot shield free download from the below link. The below link will redirect you to the main site. Choose the version which you want to download, hotspot shield free or hotspot shield elite.
Click to Download

Choose the free download option. Your free download will start instantaneously. By clicking on the elite version, it will lead you to a payment gateway from where you can fill in your details. Your downloading will start from then.

There are many vpn services available in the market but less provide the features as the hotspot shield. Using a free VPN is always advised from my side. It will add an extra layer of protection over your browsing. We do read news everyday of internet accounts hacked, bank transactions diverted, spam emails and so on. There was a news about a million of Twitter accounts hacked by an anonymous group. These events occur due to our own mistake. Using a virtual private network protects you from all sorts of threat. You can browse the web without any fear and concentrate more on your work too.

All MNC’s and even the small companies are using a VPN service in order to protect their organization’s information safe. This is very important because a small hole in the system can bankrupt the whole company at once. You have read about the NIA leaks from Edward Snowden. Although it was the government who was keeping the surveillance over its own people, a third party can use such information for a terrorist attack.

The Internet is thus a boon until we surf the web carefully. We should be more responsible and more alert while surfing the web. Use hotspot shield for advanced protection from an outside intrusion.

Have you ever encountered any online fraud or you know about any incidence of your friend? Now you know the tool to protect you from all sorts of online threats.

DO tell us in the comment section about how well you feel while browsing the web.

Stay tuned for more such updates and amazing software downloads.



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