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Todays internet generation is connected to the web 24/7. Majorly every type of industry, from big scale to large scale have taken their setup online. Just a simple Google search introduces you to your desired company and person. While the internet has proved to become a real life saver and enhanced the productivity in many instances. The internet still has some unresolved issues which need to be handled carefully. Issues like, malware, virus, trojans and other harmful programs that are made to make our life miserable. You can stay out from such attacks if you install a software named as Malwarebytes. So now you would be pretty much confused and this question may arise- “What is the difference between a virus and a malware?”. So let me first clarify this doubt. There is not much difference between a malware and a virus. Malware is a generic term used for specifying any harmful software that can turn out to be brutal. In general, it is used fo referring any virus, worm, trojan adware etc. Malwarebytes in one software that will help you to manage and overcome all such malicious attacks.

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Malwarebytes is smart malware handling platform that is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. The software is available for both free and paid version. The paid version provides extended features and advanced PC protection. Let us see the features offered by Malwarebytes free software.

malwarebytes free download

Malwarebytes Features

  1. Removes all types of trojan, malware, virus and known adware programs.
  2. It uses four system scan mode- Full, Threat, Hyper, Path.
  3. Stores the information in proper logs and quarantines the threats.
  4. Is compatible with your current anti-virus system.
  5. Blocks malicious websites.
  6. Offers real-time protection.
  7. Offers hyper scan by scanning at a faster speed and looking for only the active threats.
  8. Regularly updates with the latest list of malware and virus list.
  9. Schedule automatic scans and database updates.

Some of the above features like malicious website blocking, hyper-scan, automatic scan scheduling are available for a 14-day trial version and you will later have to update to the paid version if you want to use the features after 14 days of Malwarebytes free software installation.

The applications runs smoothly in the background while you are doing your regular work on your PC.

Malwarebytes is the recommended tool for all the rigorous web users. You should always keep your PC shielded from any upcoming threats that may hinder your privacy. You may have seen news clippings stating data steal and bank accounts unethically accessed. All of these cases are due to some sort of a virus/malware attack. Malwarebytes is one software that can protect your PC from such attacks. You can also install an antispyware program for your PC.

malwarebytes anti malware download

Malwarebytes Free Download

To download Malwarebytes anti-malware program you will first need to click on the below link and then you can make a Malwarebytes download from the official website.

Download HERE

Just choose the version you want to download. I would suggest you to download the free version first as you will get the gist of using the software. If the software truly shows some improvements in your PCs performance which it will, purchase the paid version after 14 days.

Malwarebytes is not just another anti-malware software. The software has received really good reviews from the users and is one of the most downloaded anti-malware programs.

So if you still don’t believe me, download the Malwarebytes free version from the above link and use for 14 days. In 14 days, your PC will surely show some improvement in terms of performance and all the unwanted programs and hidden threats will be removed.

So use it, share it, and do give your honest reviews in the below comments section. Also, the journey hasn’t stopped here. You can download more amazing apps for free. See below.

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