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Data is the fundamental part of any business. To run any business properly, there are estimations and proposals made by viewing the past data record of the company. The storing of data begins from the very moment you get up in the morning. From snoozing your alarm clock, the data gets saved about the time when you snoozed the alarm. Your WhatsApp messages, call logs, digital signatures, purchase bills and what not, everything is stored in a proper format in one form or the other. Data analysis is a big field. While these types of data are stored in big servers as their size goes onto trillions of megabytes. How can a medium enterprise store data effectively? This you will learn in this post. The answer to this is MySQL. This free workbench helps you to manage and store data effectively on your PC.


What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open source platform for data management. It is a structured database of data. From corporate logs to your shopping lists, the attendance list and any data which needs to be stored, MySQL handles and stores that data effectively. It is the most basic Database Management Software that handles large parts of data in a structured format. The MySQL server is the software that can be installed on any computer system.

MySQL is a relational database

The SQL stands for “Structured Query Language”. One needs to see “Structured” in this. The structured aspect of a database is saving the data into multiple tables with a well-designed frame of rules. You can connect two or more tables by applying the rules of SQL. The relationship between different table can be one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many etc. Applying the set of rules increases the data fetching speed along with fetching you only the needed parts of the data i.e. rows and columns. This prevents showing duplicate, out-of-date and missing data.

You can also access the PHP MySql data by downloading the platforms like XAMPP. These will further help you to create and access the database without knowing much of the SQL commands and rules.

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mysql server

MySQL Features

  1. Based on SQL commands which are easy to understand and interpret. These commands are the most common commands used in saving the data in a structured format.
  2. All the basics of database apply on the MySQL server.
  3. Being an open source, the source code is available to you and you can modify it by adding your own features too. You can further design your set of rules and apply in the MySql.
  4. MySql server gets created on your computer hard drive. You can take the necessary backup of your database whenever needed.
  5. It is written in C& C++.
  6. Works on basically all sorts of platforms.
  7. Uses independent modules along with the effective multi-layered server design.
  8. The memory allocation is very fast due to threading.
  9. Can use joins and nested loop.

MySQL free download

MySQL download can be done by clicking the below link. As you know that MySQL is an open source software, you can also modify its code and set your set of rules.

Download Here

Download the software and set up on your system. You can use the Apache Tomcat server and set up to run SQL on that. The other alternative is to download the PHPMyadmin. You can use the PHP Myadmin to setup the database without much knowledge about the structed query language.

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