Photoscape Download for PC || Install and Review

Photoscape is a favorite free graphic editing program. It lets you edit and modify images taken from a digital camera. It is developed by a Korean company named MOOII Tech. It would be hard to believe that the initial release of the software was made around 8 years ago. The way the company has been providing updates for the software has what led to its journey so far. The best part being that you can make a free photoscape download. The software application allows the users to edit the images. Images can be mainly taken from a digital camera though you can also edit images taken from your mobile also. It offers simple ready to work interface. You can perform various common photo editions like color adjustment, resizing, cutting, GIF animations and printing. The OS platforms of both Mac and Windows are supported by photoscape. It does not support Linux-based systems. You can also make photo edits online using the photoscape online editor. It is a freeware and anybody can use the application for any purpose. The application can be even used for commercial and business purpose which is not common. In this post, I will be showing you how to install the application. But before that, let us look at some of its features.

Photoscape Features

  • Create Slideshows
  • Perform edits like brightness, resizing and color adjustment, frames, balloons, white balance, backlight correction, mosaic mode, cropping, filters, red eye removal, adding text, drawing pictures, blooming, clone stamp, effect brush, paint brush.
  • Edit multiple photos
  • Merge multiple photos on the go.
  • Combine multiple photos as one
  • Create GIF
  • Print photos
  • Split photos into various pieces
  • Capture and save screen
  • Color pan
  • RAW to JPG Converter
  • Find similar faces

Photoscape download for Windows

Now that we have discussed the features of this amazing graphic editor. Let me now share with you the photoscape free download link so that you can download the application hassle free. You can download photoscape by clicking below button. This will redirect you to the main site. Download the application from the main site. After this follow the below instructions to install and open the application on your Windows PC.

Now after downloading the photoscape free application, follow the below steps to configure and install it in your PC.

Step 1

Go to the folder where you have saved the downloaded file.

Double Click on the file -> Click on “I Agree-Install” -> Next

This will successfully install the application inside your system. Now let us move to the next step.

photoscape download

download photoscape


Step 2

Run the application to open it on your PC.

It will open something like the below picture shows.

photoscape online


Now you will be getting various photo editing and viewing options. This can be the viewer, editor, combine, batch editor etc.

You can choose whatever operation you want to perform for your images.


Photoscape for Mac

You can even download this application for Mac. It works in the same fashion as it does for the Windows platform. The application is quite famous on Mac. You can download photoscape for mac absolutely free. Click on the below link I have provided.
Click Here

You can follow the above steps to install and open the application.


So in this post I have discussed and shared the photoscape download free link. I have discussed the features which make this application popular in the market. Being a free application, photoscape offers rich and amazing features.These features are mostly offered by premium apps only. Creating GIF, slicing a photo into multiple elements, color palette restructuring of an image. All these features are available on this application. You can also use photoscape online version. This would be useful if editing photos is not a regular task for you. Overall, the application is very good for all type of professionals.

Do tell me your experience of using this application. Share this post and download link with your friends and colleagues.




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