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Are you kinda bored using the same old text editor like the notepad while writing a programming code? Well, here we have the sublime editor which is a free text editor for writing programming languages. The sublime editor or sublime text is an effective and a beautiful source code editor. It uses the Python API and supports loads of programming as well as markup languages. It is available for both Windows and Mac based systems and comes under free license. I have personally used the editor and it works like a charm. Writing a programming code is a hectic task. You need to follow the syntax and the basic structure of the programming language to run your code. At many times we may fail in that (many refers to atleast a hundred times) task. This is because that remembering the syntax is a tricky task. For example, if we need to print a statement on screen in the HTML language we will write it as:

<p>Hi !! I hope you are enjoying this post.</p>

While if we have to write the same piece of code in JAVA then the syntax is totally different.

System.out.println(“Hi !! I hope you are enjoying this post.”);

You see the difference?

So what sublime editor does, it colors the incorrect syntax and highlights the part where the code has gone wrong. This is just one of the feature of the sublime text. Let us discuss some more features.

  1. Quick navigation
  2. Simultaneous Editing- It enables changing multiple selected areas at one go.
  3. Choose from multiple programming languages.
  4. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux.
  5. Comapatible with many programming languages.

So these are some of the features offered by the sublime editor. In actual, you will learn many more features once you start using this classy text editor.

I remember from my college days, the sublime text editor was a life saver for me. It helped me a lot when I was programming in HTML, CSS and Java. The best part is that the platform is a free source and is being updated regularly by the community for better functionality and use.

The sublime editor can be downloaded for free from the main website. You can use it’s trial version and later upgrade to the paid one. But it is always worth the amount.

So quickly, let us see how to make a sublime download for free and use it on our PC.

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Sublime Download

Click on the below link to download sublime editor for free. After downloading the file, follow the below steps to install and use the application.

Step 1- Download Sublime and Install

Download sublime text from the above link and install it on your PC.

First go to the folder where you have saved the downloaded file and then double click to open it. Click “Next” and install it.


sublime editor

Step 2- Run the Sublime Editor

After a successful install, go to Start -> write “Sublime Text” in the search bar and press Enter. You will get the Sublime Text application icon. Click on it to open it. Below is the sample of a JAVA code I had written during my college days.



Enjoy the application!


Sublime Text is truly an amazing text editor for all the budding coders and programmers. The bets part is, any wrong syntax gets highlighted instantly. This saves a major time when you execute your code to run. It supports so many programming languages and gets updated regularly with new features. The sublime editor has transformed into a best programming text editor since it release. You can download sublime trial version for free and can later update to its premium version.

I hope this post has helped you to download sublime text for free and install it.

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Spread the word with your budding coders group and implement this editor right away. You will surely feel the difference and ease in writing complex programs.So what are you waiting for? Download the app right away.

Happy Coding!


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