Utorrent Download for PC | Download utorrent(64-bit) and Install

Utorrent download can be made to download large amount of data files using a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that is used for distributing an enormous amount of data across a network. It is a freeware and an ad-supported platform which is developed by BitTorrent. The popularity of utorrent can be imagined by the number of its downloads worldwide. With more than 100 million users all across the planet except China, it is the most used BitTorrent client.

I had used it for downloading an intro maker software to make my YouTube Channel introduction video.

As you can expect from the downloads itself, a utorrent download cannot be performed by a single server and the company uses multiple server racks to support natural utorrent free download.

People went crazy when they got to know about the utorrent free download application that eased large data download using seeding and leeching methods. The whole process of working of utorrent is based on the collective mechanism.

How does utorrent work?

While downloading any torrent file using utorrent from your PC, your bandwidth is being shared so that another person somewhere around the word can also download the file. The downloading speed depends on how many seeders are there for the given torrent file. More the number of seeders and less the leechers, downloading speed will be more. Seeders are the people who are contributing their bandwidth for downloading  a specific torrent file. Leechers are those who are downloading the file.

The main feature of utorrent is that you don’t have to worry in the case of Link Breakdown. It automatically resumes the downloads from the point it was interrupted. Also, it uses minimum computer resources to handle large data file downloads and uploads. This makes it a real competitor for other BitTorrent clients like BitComet and Vuze.

It is superb regarding performance, support, and stability. It also supports old Windows versions which is an important feature.

Utorrent download free

Click the below button for a verified free utorrent download from the official utorrent site. This protects you from unnecessarily wasting your time on spam sites.
Click to Download

How to use utorrent?

Step 1 : Download utorrent

utorrent download

Download and install the application on your PC by clicking the above button. After that, follow the below steps.

Open the application by Start -> type “utorrent” in search -> click on the application to open it. 

Step 2 : Download torrent

After opening the application, download the torrent file from any of the torrent sites. Then save it on your computer. Download the files from a verified torrent site. There are many sites which can provide you an invalid or spammy link to a fake file. You can use websites like PirateBay which is a reliable torrent finder.

Still, you should check out the file screenshots, quality , and reviews from other people who have downloaded the file. If you see that the reviews are not right, don’t download the file.

Step 3 : Add torrent to utorrent


utorrent free download


Now to add torrent files to the application, it is very easy. Follow the below steps to add the torrent file to the utorrent application.

Go to File -> Add Torrent -> choose the torrent file to add

After adding the torrent file to the application window, choose the destination folder where you want to save your files. The default destination is the “Downloads” folder on your computer.


download utorrent


You can see the download speed, health of the torrent, and estimation downloading time in the application window . This is an important feature of utorrent for PC version.


utorrent free download



There are many BitTorrent applications available in the market but utorrent is the best one. The biggest advantage of it is that you can download the utorrent android version also from Google Playstore. So you can also download the torrent files from your smartphone and tablet.

The biggest advantage of using a torrent client such as utorrent is that the latest files and software updates are made available through the torrents rather than the direct download links. Thus, utorrent is good for me as I am a software freak myself. I like to explore the new softwares and applications. All thanks to utorrent for making this achievable for many.

You can make a free utorrent download and experience its rich features on the go. The application is also available in a premium version. But, it is not necessary I suppose as the free version is pretty good. The biggest advantage of using a torrent client is that the files are available on torrents before the direct downloads. So downloading a file becomes easy using the utorrent for PC version.

Please note: In some countries, downloading torrent files are banned and can get you up for a legal battle. Please make the utorrent download after becoming sure of such acts.


Title:uTorrent 3.4.8
File Size:3.00 MB
System Requirement:Supports all versions of Microsoft Windows
Official Download Link:www.utorrent.com



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