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viber for mac

Viber for Mac is a free software that lets you send free messages, texts and make free calls to other Viber users around the globe in any country. The person can be present on any device or network, Viber supports all of them.

Viber syncs your contact list messages and calling history with your mobile device and gives you an amazing platform to chat with your friends without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Viber for Mac is also famous due to its amazing reach and connectivity. There may be other calling platforms but Viber for mac has maintained a different reputation in the market because of these amazing features.

Viber For Mac Features:

  • It enables best-quality HD voice calling on ay network.
  • You can use Viber video call to talk to your friends using Viber for Mac
  • Text and photos are the standard features but Viber For Mac also supports Stickers.
  • You can easily sync your Mac device with your smartphone
  • Conferencing and transferring of calls is also supported.



Installing Viber on Mac is very easy. Just like any other desktop application, it takes a few simple steps.

Before installing the free Viber desktop version please make sure that your system meets the basic requirements. Before this, you must have Viber app installed on your smartphone first to be able to use Viber for Mac.

The minimum hardware requirements for desktop computers are:

  • At least a dual core processor.
  • 1 GB RAM, speaker for voice calling and a microphone.
  • A good webcam for video calls
  • An AD2P compatible Bluetooth receiver for connecting with Bluetooth devices.

Also,Viber for Mac will work on OSX 10.7 and above only

I have provided the free download Viber for Mac link at the end of this post.

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Viber For Mac Installation procedure:

1. Download the installation file. Click the button below.

2. After the downloading, simply drag Viber to the Application folder on the right side.

3. To launch the Viber app, go to your desktop’s Applications folder and double-click the Viber app. After launching, you’ll get the Welcome screen. Click “Yes” to continue.

Welcome to Viber


After clicking “Yes” you’ll be prompted for your phone number. Type your phone number (without the respective country code) and click on “Continue”.

viber verification


You will receive a 4-digit verification access code on your Viber mobile application. Type it in the Activation window on the Viber desktop. Read and accept the Viber License Agreement and click on ‘Enter Viber’.

viber activated

After completing the application install, Viber desktop will sync your contacts with the contacts stored in your smartphone Viber automatically.

Viber video call



Yo! You are good to go now!! Start calling your friends and loved ones for free and experience the Viber video calling for an enriching experience.


Viber for android

viber for android

You can also download the android version for the app which is also free. Viber for android plays smooth on all the android smartphones and tablets. You can install the app in the same way you install it for the iOS version. In any android version for smartphone and tablet, Viber for android will let you make free Viber calls to you loved ones.
Click to Download


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