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The world is becoming digitally innovative with the ongoing technologies like Android, iOS and other. In every phase of life, we have failed to manage our time well. The biggest success stories are being written by people who have learned to manage their time. Be it any phase, student, teacher, employed, married, parent, old age, managing our time well is the most difficult till date. While, this will surely improve now and we can all do this in a better way. All thanks to the wunderlist to do app which is available for all platforms. This amazing app lets you effectively manage your time by creating a to-do list for your day’s duties and responsibilities. So next time if you forget to buy fresh vegetables, note it down on wunderlist or if you have to plan to go to the parlor after one week. Wunderlist to-do list helps you to be more productive when you are lost and forget your responsibilities. It is one of the best know apps for increasing the productivity and helps you to manage your day-to-day tasks really well. The app is available for free. The free features are more than enough to manage your day well. I have personally used the wunderlist app on my PC. It works wonderfully. Much better than the sticky notes. They are still ugly and always will be.

wundelist pc best to do list app

Wunderlist Features and Design

The design is pretty straightforward and the interface id steady to use. Anybody can start using the app because of its clearly understood options and menu selection. You can start immediately after creating the app.

  • The application supports bigger fonts with lots of background color options to choose from.
  • The interface is clean. Wunderlist is filled with a lot of options and features but still looks easy to operate, and the options are also clearly understood from the name itself.
  • Create multiple lists with proper naming and list them in their related folders. The list also offers you options staring at you such as Work, Private and Movies to watch.
  • Not unusual to know that many of the features are hidden and not available in the free version of the app.
  • The naming conventions that you could assign to any deadline is very cool and appears real. For example, for mentioning the deadline for tomorrow’s date you can just type in as “tomorrow”. The app automatically interprets this language pretty well.
  • The filter option lets you view the tasks day wise, week wise as well as alphabetically. This option is rarely available in any other to-do list app.
  • It promotes the concept of co-working. You can join in the collaborators and assign tasks to them. They will be seeing he task and getting the notification when they’ll open their to-do-list. In the free version, you can add as many as 25 members for assigning the tasks and collaborating. Pretty amazing!! Isn’t it?
  • You can receive notifications for the app on your smartphone or your PC as the wunderlist app is effectively synced with devices.

I have given the wunderlist free download link below.

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Wunderlist Missing Features

  • The app could have added the feature of notifying through SMS. This is something which they can optimize in future.
  • It misses the location based reminder option which is available in almost every other to-do list app in competition with it.



Wunderlist Download free

You can download the wunderlist app from the below link. There is an option available for the wunderlist PC version too. You can install the app on your PC and use it in the same way as you use it on your smartphone.
Download Here

It is surely the best to do app available in the market. You can use wunderlist to store your important deadlines and manage them effectively.

Must for– Students, Corporate, Journalists, Lawyers, Doctors, Businessmen and efficiently all types of working groups.

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